The Shepherd King

It would seem that I have happened upon a quaint little kingdom by the name of Dedenril. While the taking of the kingdom itself was difficult, I am proud to say that it has all paid off quite nicely. Much needs done, however.

First and foremost, I must do something about the queen, and my new wife, Circanna of house Amberlash. Belonging to house Amberlash in these times is a brave, or perhaps foolish, thing indeed. Because of this, I may be able to gain some advantage from the burning of the unicorn banners. Burning those banners, I fear, will follow me to Amber as a specter for some time to come. I can at least try to use it to sway her to my side; there’s no need to pass up on an opportunity to capitalize on connections with a Chaos house, even one such as Amberlash.

Ah, Scarlett, there’s a smaller, but significantly more deadly, problem. I injured her quite badly in the battle. She would not relent, no matter how many times I offered her protected retreat. I even offered to give her a Trump card with which to escape, but to no avail; she attacked again and again, even when reduced to fighting unarmed and unclothed. Thankfully, she let up on the attack and I was able to continue on the mission to liberate Dedenril.

Finally, there is the matter of Mordecai. He seems to think that he can determine the fate of my kingdom. In the forthcoming days, especially in the meetings with the Chaosians, I will have to make friends in high places to secure my position; at least from Mordecai.


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