Description: Morgana is a tall, regal woman with a beautiful figure and fine features. Her long black hair with gently rolling waves is often left loose for comfort, and sometimes kept in a long braid that she drapes over her shoulder. She has blue-green eyes framed in thick black lashes and slightly tilted upward to give her an exotic look. Her slender frame gives her a willowy yet athletic appearance as most of what she has is muscle, and her naturally trim waist is the envy of many ladies of the court.
Home Shadow: Albion – A medieval island surrounded by mist and inhabited by mystical folk.
Journal: Tales of an Enchantress
Heritage: Daughter of Julian


Description: An immigrant, marooned when the rockets returned at the advent of nuclear war on Earth. As her fellow castaways from home slowly died off over the years, Evangeline went native: exposure to Volturnus air, food, water sparked the Telepathy necessary to fully integrate into local society. She is tall, thin of limb, dark of skin, with a narrow face and large eyes that are often upturned as if in idle musing.
Home Shadow: Volturnus – An analog of Mars, as imagined by Burroughs and Bradbury and Lowell, with hot deserts, wine-dark canals, and a crumbling antique civilization.
Journal: Evangeline’s Tale
Heritage: Daughter of Fiona


Description: Nowadays, Mordecai’s face looks a bit more youthful in some ways, a bit more serious in others. His clothes are no longer a little shabby, he wears a striking crimson coat with gold-thread embroidery. At his side he wears the ruby-adorned blade Tempest. Not wanting to appear a clown, he keeps the emphasis on red and gold to his coat, and a few accents on his regular clothes, with his shirts and trousers usually being black or dark brown.
Initial Description: A dark haired man who’s face seems deceptively old. At first glance, he seems to be middle aged, but upon closer inspection, he looks quite young. What was taken at first for age is merely weathering from lots of time outdoors and in battles. He wears a faded coat that at one point was very fine, and carries a blade that has seen much use.
Home Shadow: A shadow that Mordecai calls Earth that is like Shadow Earth in many ways, but a few hundred years behind historically, and where nobility has lost none of its force.
Journal: Journal
Heritage: Son of Eric


Description: Before Ilayne’s disappearance from Amber, most would remember her rugged fashion, slowly turning more feminine under the more comfortable lifestyle of Haven. Upon her return, those who remember such a thing may find her transformation a drastic one. Long, brilliant blond hair falls past her shoulders, flowing gently when not pulled into a heavy french braid that crowns her head. Her eyes are still an eerily light gray, but are often alight with laughter and warmth, no longer carrying a dark note. Her skin, still sun-darkened, no longer has a weathered quality about it, almost making her appear more youthful. Freckles lightly dust a smooth complexion and the tops of her shoulders. She moves with more grace and and confidence, no longer carrying an obvious soldier’s gait. Her frame is no longer the dangerously lean one of a survivor of an apocalypse, but a healthy, well-toned body of a Lady of Amber. And of the most note, to those who knew her before, she no longer favors trousers and heavy boots, and does in fact dress like a lady of the courts, sans frills, of course.
Previous Descriptions
Home Shadow: Jydant – A once thriving land, now turned barren and horror-ridden by the century-old religious apocalypse.
Journal: Forgotten Texts
Heritage: Daughter of Bleys and Thessia
Records: A Tome of Visions
Theme Song: Monster by Skillet


Description: A very tall gaunt man, Dominic is most often to be found in his favorite jacket. It is floor length and blood red. It is rumored that it is made from the skins of his vanquished foes but this is something that he will not confirm. He has shoulder length jet black hair with a slight widows peak. He carries a tall staff with four crystals mounted on four sides. They sparkle red, blue, brown and a flashing white smoked crystal. Other then the red cloak he is dressed in all black. He is not know to be a cheerful person.
Home Shadow: Astara
Journal: Journal
Heritage: Son of Caine


Home Shadow: Ragnar
Heritage: Daughter of Benedict


Description: A tall, graceful man with flowing brown hair and wistful blue eyes. A simple blade hangs from his belt, and boots and bracers of leather adorn his limbs. He wears a light-green tunic to the knees with bronze embroidery. 
Heritage: Son of Gerard
Home Shadow: Othrys


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