Session 42 - War

So we’re off to help some relative of Tristan’s. Or was it a friend? I don’t remember. It’s something to do, though I was enjoying my time cleaning at Morgana’s. Either way I’ve managed to make some Crigs and two dragons and we’re off to fight Gilva, another relative I’ve never met.

There’s a lot of us, so I don’t think Gilva has much chance of escaping capture. Though Evangeline the murderous probably won’t be coming with us, so perhaps she has a bit of hope. Then again Morgana is with us, so maybe that helps mitigate Evangelines absence? Ah, whatever. They’re going to kill who they please when they please despite what I say anyway.

I really have conjured up a murderous bunch of relatives. If I was going to make myself a family of relatives, you’d think I’d make them a bit more friendly. I do wonder now and then what each represents. Evangeline especially. Morgana I’ve already figured out, but Evangeline. Maybe she is the cold thinker of my subconcious that believes she is the only important thing in existence. That other life, while there, doesn’t matter quite as much as my own. The calculating one that wants every detail of every thing before acting upon it, but still able to act in haste if quick murder is needed. Who’s to say?

With Elaine gone, I seem to of created a new relative named Riva. Convenient? We’ll have to see if she does and acts the same as Elaine or if she is some new element added by my sleeping psyche. If I really am asleep…

Session 42 - War

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