Session 43 - Dragons Again

I’m floating here in a tank while I heal. It’s not that uncomfortable and my brother is entertaining enough. I’m surprised he’s sticking around to be with me while I heal, but it sounds like he a chose an interesting world to visit at least.

I don’t think I was supposed to be fighting the dragons, but nobody else was doing anything and it was murdering a lot of ships and people. Did they think that my two dragons would be good enough? I didn’t think landing would be an actual problem otherwise I would of planned differently. Seacrigs or something. A map beforehand would of been nice. Anyway, there was a lot of cleaning to do on the voyage so I didn’t get overly bored, but it does make me re-appreciate airships.

It also makes me wonder, if there were problems with reefs and we knew that beforehand, why didn’t we make boats that could break through reefs? Surely there must be a design out there that can do it. Or some kind of air drop? We went right into their defenses… Well, I’m not the war planner, it just seems strange that if we knew these problems beforehand we didn’t make the obvious solutions to the plans.

I’m going to be floating her for a long time from what Martin says. I guess I’ll just sit here and watch the holos and ponder my existence since talking isn’t an option. It’s clean in here because it’s a medical facility, so the outside view is pleasing.

I’ve dreamed up a good father and family. I once again hope I never awake in the darkness of my Cube. But if I do, perhaps the memories of these places and these people will keep me more sane than my last round of it.

Session 43 - Dragons Again

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