They came for me. All of them. And they brought my father.

There’s a certain feeling, knowing that there are those who would come to my aid in a moment’s notice. Oh, I know that the Pattern was something they would assail in the future, but it seems that my capture spurred them to drop other tasks and accept the challenge immediately. I cannot say I was not relieved to see Mordecai appear in that dark, door-less room, followed shortly after by the others. Because that would be lying.

I have become quite fond of my cousins, already. We have all been through trials, and now we meet this one together, as a family. We are a strange gathering, each of us all terribly different, but that has not seemed a hindrance. It’s more of a bond, as we get to know each other…

Perhaps I was just terribly lonely in that cell. I don’t know how much that would sway my opinion on my cousins, after they risked much to rescue me. Whatever the case, I am grateful.

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